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Posted 01 November 2009 - 08:53 PM

Thanks so much everyone for all your thoughts and positive vibes - the experience was absoulutely fantastical!  Given I don't even make 5ft and I had many more steps to take than a lot of others, my fitness held out remarkably well. My asthma gave me a bit of grief early in the mornings as my night-time medication was still wearing off and the altitude - although not greatly high - was enough to say to my body, 'hey, whoa there.  Slow up.  This is not a race.  One step.  One micro-step at a time my dear...'

I am still sorting out photos and labelling them and will upload them in due time.  My eyes are going blurry and I'm all trek-photoed out for now wink.gif

Most of the time I was at the back of the pack for a few reasons - mostly being so I didn't feel under pressure to race through with the rest of the group.  Those who raced through by day 4 were certainly feeling it and by day 5 most were quite shattered. Except for me - because I wisely (thanks to the advice of you all - my family on here) paced myself.

I liked Menari when we stopped.  I fell behind quite a bit here because I was feeling very snap-happy with my camera.  They have lovely flowers (so of course I had to touch them, smell them and take photos of them after disinfecting my hands) and I was fascinated by a bug that I hadn't seen before (so of course I just HAD to take a photo of that too - spent ages trying to get it on the macro setting on my camera and after about 9 shots gave up and started taking photos of the signs instead along with the Twisties, bananas and cokes for sale by the locals, their smiles, the primary school there and the bamboo clusters.

I do recall seeing this guy there with no backpack, sleeping gear etc and actually wondered where he came from as he seemed to just appear.  When I looked again, all I saw were lots of feet and the mystery man had disappeared.  I thought perhaps I ought to drink a bit more water - as I was beginning to hallucinate lol!

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