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Event: Kokoda Adventure Trek - Owers' Corner to Kokoda

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Added by aussie, 31 Mar 2017

Taking place 14 Nov 2017 through 22 Nov 2017 (Ranged Event)


Open Trek. PNG Guided.This trek has been designed so that you commence your trek on the 14th of November from Owers' Corner and walk off the track in Kokoda on the 21st of November where you will overnight as our special guests at Orohaven Retreat. The following day 22nd of November you will be flown back to Port Moresby. Trek 1102 - Guide Harold Hauro

List of Trekkers:

1. Mark Leggett + Requires a porter - Lancelot Geroia - Paid in Full - AC2LV6
2. Gilbert Rodrigues + Requires a porter - Cyprian Haera - Paid in Full - AC2LV6
3. Irma Schwarz + Requires a porter - Ernst Jinga - Paid in Full 26/09/2017 - AC7P2M
4. Alex Newell + Requires a porter - Essau Tuturia - Paid in Full 24/08/2017 - AC7P2M
5. Matthew Kinsman + Requires a porter - Mathias Geroia - Paid in Full 10/10/2017 - AC7P2M

6. Jessica Boyle + Requires a porter - Ivan Semie - Paid in Full 24/08/2017 - AC7P2M
7. John Stavridis + Requires a porter - Peter Afu - Paid in Full 04/09/2017 - AC7P2M

Food Porters: Oliver Eroro;  Morris Jinga;  Solomon Eroro;  Francis Talanoa; Kingsley Eroro

All require backpacks, All require tents.

Jessica Boyle Flight Details
Arrive : 12th November from Aloutau, 11:30am. Staying at Wellness Lodge. Requires pickup.

Mark Leggett, Gilbert Rodrigues
Arrive : 13th November, staying at Airways Hotel.

Alex Newell & Matthew Kinsman
Arrive : 13th November, Flight VA39, 1:05pm .
Depart : 22nd of November, Flight PX9, 5:00PM

John Stavridis Flight Details
Arrive : 13th November, Flight VA39, 1:05pm
Depart : 22nd November, Flight VA 0038, 1:55pm