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Trek 1101 - Trek Completed

16 October 2017 - 09:07 PM

This trek got away around 6:30am this morning and headed out to Owers' Corner for the commencement of their trek.  Tonight they find themselves at Ua'Ule Creek.  Its been a wet slippery start to their trek as it rained quite heavily throughout the day but despite the rain they all did quite well.  Trekkers in this group include:
  • Jayke Bennett
  • Jonathan Watts
  • Leslie Seaton
  • Nigel Robinson
  • Andrew Marks
  • Pat Vainerere

Trek 1086 - Trek Completed

21 September 2017 - 12:15 PM

This morning saw two trekkers up early in Port Moresby in order to catch their flight to Popondetta to commence their trek. There names are: Kellie Gill and Matthew Dominey who are walking with Tony Ogonemi as there guide. Arnold Jinga is a personal porter for Kellie and Chris Yauga is on the track as their food porter. The flight arrived on time at Girua airport and they should be reaching Kokoda around about now to commence their trek.

Trek 1084 - Trek Completed

15 September 2017 - 07:42 PM

This group were picked up around 6:15 this morning.  Seems Joseph and Stephen were a bit slow off the mark as I think it was Stephen who mentioned he is not used to early starts.  On this trek, there is the following trekkers:
  • David Collins
  • Kerry Neall
  • Tammy Bennett  
  • Stephen Johnson
  • Joseph Wehbe

The guide for this trek is Kingsley Boropi.  Chris Suma and Boga Suma are the food porters.

Trek 1085 - Trek Completed

13 September 2017 - 10:03 AM

This trek got under way this morning with a few hickups. The bus organised for a 6am pick up was running on PNG time and arrived at 6:45am instead. Once on board, trekkers headed out to Bomana War Cemetery and at 8:20 were on their way to Owers' Corner. Pat Vainerere would have been leading this trek but unfortunately he found himself in hospital and had to cancel. We were lucky enough to obtain another guide by the name of Bob Killip from Canberra who loves the outdoors and in 2006 climbed Mt Everest. I met up with Bob in Brisbane yesterday and he was looking forward to the walk. On this trek there are four trekkers, one of which is our very first trekker from China - Shuming Zhu. Australian's are Scott Richardson; Hayden Windsor and Steve Culloton. Photographs will be posted later when one of our porters by the name of Pescol Kageni returns to our base as he is down to walk on the 15th and kindly offered to go out with the bus to take some pics. Photograph below is of Bob when we met in Brisbane yesterday at the airport.

Trek 1083 - Trek has ended at Agulogo

06 September 2017 - 05:01 PM

A lone trekker commenced his walk in Kokoda around 7am this morning. His name is Justin Penglase and he is walking with Ivan Semie and Harry Mendari. Sorry no photographs as he declined and did not want this. Justin was booked to fly on the morning flight yesterday but it was cancelled. He then flew over on the afternoon flight at 1pm. On arrival in Popondetta he was met by Robroy in our hired 4WDrive and driven up to Kokoda arriving around 6pm last night. Justin spent the night with Ivan and his family at Saga Village. Ivan travelled earlier this year to Australia as the guest of one of our trekkers who walked the track with Ivan as a personal porter. Ivan took him all over Australia as was her appreciation of how he looked after her on the Kokoda Trail. Maryanne seen in the photograph with Angela, cooked him a meal last night which I believe was pizza. All the best Justin for a great time with Ivan and Harry.