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Today, 06:29 PM

Tony has let me know they have now reached Nauro Village right on target per our itinerary. Tomorrow their last night on the trail will be at Ua'Ule Creek unless they make another decision tomorrow whilst on the track and decide to move closer to Goldie River as they walk off the track the next morning. Tony said they were all looking forward to Day 5.

In Topic: Trek 1086

Yesterday, 07:16 PM

These trekkers are powering along and have now reached the half point of Efogi. Tomorrow they tackle Brigade Hill as they make their way along the track to Menari and possibly Nauro. Kellie Gill and Matthew Dominey have set themselves a big challenge as its what we consider a 'fast' trek!

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21 September 2017 - 12:20 PM

Message received today from Tony Ogonemi the guide for this trek:

"Hi Gail, we camped at Iswurava and now moving to Templeton's Crossing today.  Our trekkers are going well so today looking forward to reaching our destination".

Today after leaving Isurava Village they would have walked up through the Isurava Memorial area before heading to Alola.  Following a break at Alola, they would have made their way down to Eora Creek.  Another break, before heading to Templeton's for the night.

The half way food drop was supposed to be dropped into Efogi this morning but bad weather set in and its now down for tomorrow, weather permitting.

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21 September 2017 - 11:13 AM

Update from Kokoda. Trekkers walked through the archway around 9am this morning and at 10:26 another message saying they were in our hired 4WDrive vehicle and heading down to Orohaven Pija where they will have a relaxing afternoon before flying to Port Moresby tomorrow morning. Well done everyone, congratulations from all of us and a big thank you to our KTL boys for getting you all to Kokoda.

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20 September 2017 - 05:51 PM

This group are now a hop, step and a jump away from the Kokoda archway as they are camped for the night at Hoi.  This afternoon they have had a swim in the creek and are now relaxing and looking forward to walking off the track in the morning.  They will commence their walk around 6:30am and should reach Kokoda approx 9-9:30am depending on their walking speed.  David and the two guys are out in front most of the day with the two women coming up the rear.  No doubt tomorrow the group will stop somewhere and all walk out together and under the archway which is the 'norm'.  Not far now trek 1084....picture them tomorrow as they head for the finish line!