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Trek 1068 - Trek Completed

23 June 2017 - 09:29 PM

This trek got away yesterday from Owers' Corner and had a short walk down to Goodwater campsite area before a decision was made to stop there for the night and to head to Ofi Creek today.  All went according to plan and tonight the group find themselves at Goodwater for the night.  The guide for this trek is Kingsley Boropi who phoned this afternoon to say everyone is doing well and enjoying their walk.  Trekkers in this group include:
  • Ryan Hansen
  • Gerad Sergeant
  • Achraf Mallouk
  • Agnieszka Busza
  • Gerard Reeves
  • Lachlan Reeves
  • Fiona Powles
  • Frank Gasparini

Treks 1067 & 1093 - Treks Completed

10 June 2017 - 05:47 PM

These two treks flew over to Popondetta this morning and were met and driven up to Kokoda for the commencement of their walk.  Two separate groups made up as follows:

Trek 1067
  • Aaron Bloom
  • Ben Tuakore
  • Jason Ridgeway
  • Darren Latty
Trek 1093
  • Haydn Nicolaas
  • Mitch Thomas
  • Chris Whitelaw

Trek 1089 - Trek Completed

10 June 2017 - 05:13 PM

This trek had an early start this morning as they prepared to move off from their accommodation and head out firstly to Bomana War Cemetery before the drop off point at Owers' Corner.  Trekkers on this trek include:
  • Waldemar Kolbusz
  • Austin Whiteside
  • Paul Frank
  • Pete Hicks
  • Matt Duck
  • Chris Brown
Guide for this trek is Clement Harika

Trek 1069 - Trek Completed

07 June 2017 - 10:23 PM

This trek moved off as planned early this morning and are presently making their way towards Owers' Corner the drop off point. Not only the trekkers but some boys on this trek, its their first walk of the year and judging by the text messages, they too are excited to soon be on the Kokoda Trail. Trekkers include: Zita and Cecilia Correia two sisters and Kara Every along with their Australian guide Pat Vainerere doing his 33rd walk

Trek 1065 - Trek Completed

21 May 2017 - 09:54 PM

This group of trekkers flew into Port Moresby on the 19th May where they were met by our staff and later taken down to the Royal Papua Yacht Club.  Later they returned to their accommodation and hit the sack as they knew they had an early start the next day for their flight to Popondetta.

The following day they booked in for their flight and a short time later found themselves in the Oro Province, the capital being Popondetta.  They were then driven into the town and shown the War Memorial area and later were driven up to Orohaven Pija Retreat where they had a relaxing afternoon swimming in the creek and resting before tucking into some pizza for their evening meal.

Apparently they were pleasantly surprised to learn the ingredients flew with them that morning so they could enjoy for their dinner.  With a couple of Italian's in this group, am assuming it was a nice surprise.  Trekkers include:
  • Todd DellaTorre
  • Vic DellaTorre
  • Wade DellaTorre
  • Chris Mumme
  • Carole Wright
Carole arrived in town not knowing any of the others but am sure she has fitted right into this family group of trekkers and will get along just fine with them for company as they make their way along the track.