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Events for April 23, 2017

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By Boss Meri

Australian Guided 75th Anniversary Trek -  Open trek - this trek has been created whereby you are flown over to the Oro Province on the 16th April where you will be met and driven to our base Orohaven Pija Retreat. On the 17th April you will begin your trek when you walk up to Isurava Village to spend your first night on the Kokoda Track. On the 24th April you will finish your trek when you walk through the Archway at Owers' Corner and be picked up by Kokoda Trekking staff and driven back to Port Moresby where you will overnight. The following day you will be driven out to Bomana War Cemetery for Anzac Day and either driven back to your accommodation or dropped off to the Royal Papuan Yacht Club as this is where the majority of trekkers from all different companies hang out on Anzac Day - Trek : 1058 - Guide Pat Vainerere

List of Trekkers:

1. Josh Finley - Paid in Full 9/03/2017
2. Brady Curran - Paid in Full 13/03/2017

3. Andrew Hackworth + Personal Porter - Tony Ogonemi - Paid in Full 02/03/2017
4. Tom Sillar - Paid in Full 06/03/2017

5. Troy Knight - Paid in Full 28/02/2017 + Personal Porter - Pescol Kageni
6.  Pat Vainerere (Australian Guide) + Personal Porter - Ramsey Idau

Food Porters: Felix Sari;  Lenny Enjeka;  Jessie Aire and Kingsley Boropi  


Josh Finley & Brady Curran Flight Details (Staying at Crown Plaza on the night of the 25th April)
Arrive : Flight PX6, 15th April, 12:35pm
Depart : Flight PX3, 26th April, 10:55am

Andrew Hackworth Flight Details
Arrive : Flight QF57, 15th April, 12:35pm

Troy Knight
Arrive : Flight QF57, 15th April, 12:35pm
Depart : Flight PX3005, 25th April, 1:25pm

----- Private Trek - AdventureFit Travel Trek
By aussie

Private Trek - AdventureFit Travel Trek- This trek has been designed so that you commence your trek from Owers' Corner (Port Moresby) end and walk to Kokoda commencing on the 17th April allowing you to finish your trek on the 23rd April 2016 where you will be accommodated at our base 'Orohaven Kokoda or Pija Retreat' as our guests.The following day 24th of April you will be flown to Port Moresby where you will overnight. On the morning of the 25th April you will be collected from your hotel and driven out to the Bomana War Cemetery for the dawn service. Following the service you will be driven back to your accommodation or to the Royal Papua Yacht Club where you can purchase breakfast and stay there or later head back to your hotel. Trek 1055 -  Australian Guide Bill Kerr & National Guide Clement Harika.

List of Trekkers:

1. Bill Kerr (Australian Guide)  + Requires a porter - Ivan Semie
2. Matt Roy + Requires a porter - Toto Kolongo
3. Emily Birkinhead + Requires a porter - Lawrence Umbu
4. Breandan Rake + Requires a porter - Trevor Jinga
5. Macarthur Rundle + Requires a porter - Cyprian Haera
6. Perri Chequer + Requires a porter - Gary Juari
7. Corey Harris

Food Porters:  Deshon Harika;  Lancelot Geroia; Duggie Eroro; Solomon Eroro & Harry Duna

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