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Trek 1076

10 August 2017 - 08:26 PM

A group of 10 trekkers arrived in town in readiness for the trek which commences tomorrow when they are collected from their accommodation and driven out to Owers' Corner.  Trekkers in this group include:
  • Jarrod Pittson
  • Conrad Dorrough
  • Michael Hanlin
  • Alex Brown
  • Chris Cant
  • Anthony Cant
  • Greg Taylor
  • Bronwyn Daniel
  • Steve Neilson
  • Barry (Baz) King
  • Pat Vainerere (Australian Guide)

Personal Porters on this trek are as follows:  Sione Orosambo;  Clement Harika;  Lenny Enjeka;  Chris Lahai;  Cyprian Haera;  Ivan Semie and Ramsey Idau.

Food Porters: Solomon Eroro;  Duggie Eroro; Essau Eroro;  Jackie Isorosi;  John Korove; Bill Suma

At the present time they are at the Royal Papua Yacht Club enjoying a meal before heading out on the Kokoda Trail tomorrow morning.

Update 11th August:
This group have reached their destination of Ua'Ule Creek arriving there mid afternoon. Tomorrow the plan is to head to Nauro for the night. Everyone today did well according to Pat. Bronwyn apparently come across a snake which caused a little excitement at the time. Pat normally heads to Ofi Creek for his second night but have heard there is some heavy traffic coming towards them tomorrow from the opposite direction so a decision was made to head spend tomorrow night at Nauro.

Trek 1074 - Trek Completed

05 August 2017 - 03:32 PM

A father and son combination left Owers' Corner on the 3rd August along with Emmanuel Eroro (Guide) and two brothers Lancelot and Mathias Geroia.  The first night found them at Ua'Ule Creek for the night.  The next night Nauro and tonight they are at Menari.  On this trek are:
  • Roger Bolte
  • Mitchell Bolte

Png Election - Oro Province 2017

27 July 2017 - 09:34 PM

On behalf of Kokoda Trekking, we would like to congratulate Hon. Gary Juffa, MP for retaining his seat as the Governor of the Oro Province.

Much excitement when we heard the news.

Trek 1073 - Trek Completed

16 July 2017 - 05:48 PM

A single trekker by the name of Darren McGilvray arrived in PNG this afternoon.  He was met by our staff and driven out to Owers' Corner to commence his trek along with Harold Hauro his guide and food porter Essau Eroro. I just got off the phone with Harold.  He said they left Owers' Corner around 4:30pm this afternoon and a short day down to Goldie River was his decision.  Tomorrow they plan on reaching either Ioribaiwa or Ofi Creek.

Trek 1096 - Trek Completed

14 July 2017 - 09:16 AM

This trek led by Guide Clement Harika headed out this morning to Ower's Corner for the commencement of their trek. Trekkers in this group were collected from their hotel at 7:30am this morning. This group is made up of:
  • Michael Ford
  • Alan Angus
  • John Glyde
  • Ben Glyde
  • Cassidy Glyde
  • Anthony Casu
Personal Porters on this trek: Tony Ogonemi; Sione Orosambo; Ivan Semie (yes arrived back in PNG from Australia yesterday and walking today at his request), Toto Kolongo; Trevor Jinga and Gary Juary.

Food Porters: Kingsley Eroro; Morris Jinga; Eric Uwea; Rolanson Umbu and Lenny Enjeka