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Events for September 17, 2017

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----- AUSTRALIAN Guided Trek Ower's to Kokoda
By aussie

Australian guided trek commencing at Owers' Corner on the 13th September and finishing in Kokoda on the 19th September where you will be our guests at 'Orohaven Retreat'. The following day, 20th September you will fly back to Port Moresby to end your trek. - Trek 1085 - Robert Killip Guide

List of Trekkers:

1. Scott Richardson + Requires a porter - Harold Hauro - Paid in Full 16/08/2017 - AC6LXU
2. Hayden Windsor + Requires a porter - Trevor Jinga - Paid in Full 16/08/2017 - AC6LXU
3. Steve Culloton + Requires a porter - Ramsey Idau (Vegan) - Paid in Full 15/08/2017 - AC6LXU
4. Shuming Zhu + Requires a porter - Ivan Semie - Paid in Full 22/08/2017 - AC6LY2
5. Bob (Aust Guide)- Requires a porter - Wayne Urini Tihimi - AC6LY2

Our sincere apology but Pat Vainerere who was listed to walk as the guide on this trek has spent all week in hospital so is not available to lead this trek.  Hopefully he is on the mend in the near future and back home and back to his old self.

We would like to thank Bob Killip who has agreed to fill in for Pat and at short notice lead this trek on our behalf.  I was informed that Bob (Robert) has climbed Mt Everest in 2006. He walked the track recently with another company who sub contracts to us and was pleasantly surprised to know Wayne Urini will be on the track with him again as they apparently got on quite well.

Food Porters:
Lenny Enjeka;  Emmanuel Eroro; Harry Mendari ; Hobert Keke

Flight Details:
Scott Richardson & Hayden Windsor: Arrival: VA39 Brisbane (BNE) to Port Moresby (POM) - arrive Port Moresby at 13:05  Departure: Port Moresby (POM) at 13.55 - Wed, Sep 20
Steve Culloton Flight Details
Arrive : Flight VA 0039, 12th September, 1:15pm
Depart : Flight VA 0038. 20th September, 2:05pm


Day 1 - 13th Sept:  Owers' Cnr to Ioribaiwa Village
Day 2 - 14th Sept:  Ioribaiwa Village to Agulogo
Day 3 - 15th Sept:  Agulogo to Efogi
Day 4 - 16th Sept:  Efogi to Templeton's Crossing I
Day 5 - 17th Sept:  Templeton's Crossing I to Eora Creek
Day 6 - 18th Sept:  Eora Creek to Isurava Village
Day 7 - 19th Sept:  Isurava Village to Kokoda then on to Orohaven Pija to overnight which is approx. half way from Kokoda to Popondetta by road
Day 8 - 20th Sept:  Pija to Girua Airport, Popondetta - book in time:  6:55 am - Arrival time in Port Moresby 08:35am

----- Kokoda Adventure Trek - Ower's Corner to Kokoda
By aussie

Open Trek - Kokoda Adventure Trek. Commencing at Owers' Corner on the 15th of September and finishing by walking into Kokoda on the 21st September where you will overnight. The following day 22nd of September you will fly back to Port Moresby to end your trek - Trek 1084 - Guide Kingsley Boropi

List of Trekkers:

1. David Collins - Paid in Full 15/06/2017 - AC6LY9
2. Kerry Neall - Paid in Full 30/06/2017 - AC6LY9
3. Tammy Bennett + Requires Porter - Pescol Kageni - Paid Trek Cost 30/06/2017 - AC6LY9

4. Stephen Johnson - Paid in Full 07/09/2017 - AC72R3
5. Joseph Wehbe - Paid in Full 07/09/2017 - Dudley Bubura - AC72R3

Food Porters: Chris Suma; Boga Suma.  Andrew for 2 Days

Flight Details:

Kerry & Tammy - QF57 - arrival time 14/09 - 12:35pm.  Departure time:  13:25 22/09
David Collins Flight Details - Arrive : Flight QF57, 14SEP, 12:35pm - Depart : Flight QF58, 22SEP, 13:25
Stephen Johnson & Joseph Wehbe Flight Details - Arrive : Flight VA905, 13th September, staying at Laguna Hotel this night. Require pickup from Laguna Hotel 14th September. Depart : Staying at Gateway Hotel at treks end.

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